Book update from Athens, Greece

Hello everyone, I just thought that I would give you all a quick update regarding my book 😀 the latest is that the book is done and has been for a while now. When I began this project 3 years ago I knew that I would find it somewhat difficult to get it published by a traditional publisher and assumed that I would have to self publish. However, as I am a keen ‘globe trotter’ I wanted the book easily accessible to order from every corner of the world… Just in case. I also wanted to give myself a digital identity. As such I decided that I would self publish via amazon. Now, the game has changed somewhat as I have a traditional publishing company interested in my book!! With this in mind I will hold out until I hear back from them and if it is a seemingly negative ‘no’ then I will revert to amazon… Either way the book is coming soon!! 😀😀 #m>l

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