Croagh Patrick

A very proud moment on Sunday morning climbing Cronagh Patrick. Waking up to a beautiful fresh day. This hike had been arranged a few weeks ago and I really wanted to go and work out how I can without adding pressure on myself . So the beauty of meeting so many wonderful people from all over. I asked around. I got in touch with our pal Michael Quinn who is living in West port and he was delighted we were calling down. He sorted out a place we could stay with a lovely friendly couple Aisling and Jamie. Michael said he’d pick us up from the train station after 9pm on Saturday. We met a lovely person Aoife Louise Moran too, straight away I could tell she was a great person 😊😊 so after a 3 and half train journey down. We were exhausted but weren’t too bad as I still on a high from my talk in Dublin city centre that day 😃😃 after meeting with the lovely couple we stayed chatting with Aisling for a good while that night. 😃😃 the hike was at 10am which was a 10 minutes drive. Michael said he’d drive us up which was so nice of him, he came straight from work to bring us. We met up with the lads who were doing the hike. I never met them in person before but I could tell they were good people. I didn’t know what to expect with the hike but driving up the mountain looked huge. 😂😂 starting to hike it was actually very tough and got tougher . The amount of uneasy rocks it was all very uphill but you could really feel it. There were hardy any gaps of smooth paths where it wasn’t so up level 😂😂 I had so many layers on thinking I would freeze but I was sweating so much that the lads could see it in my face and took my jacket and scarf off for me 😂😂 they stopped and gave me water in my glass when I needed it. They could read my body language more which helped. Oh my God I thought I would never reach the top. It was such a great feeling when I made it to the top. “I did it ” 😊😊 I just had to sit down, breath in the air and take in the beautiful surroundings. I needed my jacket up there. 😂😂 My nanny did it a few years ago after her big operation. I don’t know how she did it 😂😂 We got lots of pictures on the top. Then headed back down. The 2 lads took my arm and I went down like I was on a slap board, I flew down. It was a killer. I really felt it on my quad muscles 😂😂 I was so happy to reach the end and looking at how much I achieved. 600 feet to the top. Patrick was waiting on me, he was happy enough roaming around at the bottom. He was proud. We then went for lunch in West port and had some chats. Patrick and I had arranged to stay another night because Michael was doing a charity night and he was getting his lovely hair and beard shaved off. So we went along and gave our support 😃😃 After I rested we headed out and met more lovely people including Michaels dad, Aoife and Ciara. Had a really great night and didn’t get in till after 3 😂😂 I woke up the day after this challenge and my arse muscles were in bits, but it was so worth it. A lovely train journey back to Dublin. Going to see Draula tonight in smock alley with Patrick. 😁😁 Preparing for my Athlone event on Thursday at 7.30pm 😀😀😀 It’s all go. I am feeling great 😃😃😃😃😃

In the end, when we are faced with any obstacle…even one as big as a mountain..we have to tell ourselves, and we must truly believe it, “I can do this”

Anything is possible with the right support 😁😁

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