Hello and welcome to my site. My name is Tracey McCann. I enjoying making the most of life, and creating wonderful memories along the way. I am very open to new experiences. I love travelling the world, exploring different cultures, and meeting new people. I am very driven, determined, open minded and I love nothing more than having a good laugh.
I am a Two time Bestselling Author, International Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Disabled Advocate and Aunua Academy Ambassador. I have a disability known as Muscular Dystonia which I obtained at the age of 8. I have been through many ups and downs within the past 20 years but I have always been determined not to give into people’s expectations of what I can or cannot do but to defy those expectations. I am strong minded in the face of the supposed obstacles that should hold me back, and I am an independent individual.
I have released a book which reached number 1 within the first 48 hours of its release on Amazon.

This book explains in detail this life altering disability and my story of how motivation and determination can aid in all our lives. I am also a public speaker. I have spoken in front of many different people with many different backgrounds. My aim is to assist people to seek out that inner motivation that we all possess and that is required to achieve a desired goal. My motivation is and always has been greater than my limitation!!

I am a strong minded individual, with an amazing appetite for life. I love the outdoors, travelling, fitness and helping by inspiring people. I love to connect with new like minded people, and to develop good connections.

I know what it is like to have challenges, however I also know how to come out the other side of those challenges, victorious.

If you are interested in my going to your school, college, or company, to give a talk on the importance of self-motivation and sElf-empowerment, Then please feel free to get in touch and we can chat. I am here for you.

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