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I want to a testimonial about the NLP course known as “The Blackbelt Mastermind” that is run by the lovely Danielle Serpico, which I completed last week. Back in March during the snow, when it was getting to the stage where everyone was fed up, I felt I needed something to focus on, something that would add value to my life. I was online, low and behold I stumbled across Danielles mastermind course came up. I actually went to bed and got comfortable and began chatting to her for ages. I felt amazed and I then arranged a video call the following morning with Danielle, Patrick and I. When we logged on, Danielles smile immediately lit up the screen, her energy bloomed. She was very down to earth and funny, I could tell that she was brilliant at what she done. It felt right and I was so happy that Patrick wanted to do it too himself, and not just go to support me. I want Patrick to grow and develop with me, to experience joy and fuliment with me, so we are level. Figuring out how will we afford it, I knew it was a good investment so I made it happen, which I was proud of.
Coming up to the course, I was so looking forward to it because I wanted to become better at my public speaking, relationships and have more control when I get moments of sadness, anger, frustration and hurt. On day one it was a bootcamp and again Danielle lit up the room with her beautiful energy, but it was so much better in real life, she made us feel so comtable. The information in that one day alone was mind blowing. She made it so easy to understand. NLP is about how we are using our words, how we talk to ourselves and others because believe it or not, words are so powerful. Most people don’t realise this however, and then wonder why nothing good ever happens for them, or ask themselves why they’re stuck or depressed.
After day 1 I was so lookin forward to the week and rolling up our sleeves and really getting into it.
What I really loved, the class was small. This particular NLP course happened to be only women so poor Patrick was out numbered, but he didn’t mind, he just goes with the flow. Those women turned out to be the BEST and we all grew so close, we became as one. When I first started, I’d be whispering to Patrick, very nervous, but then I got the courage to use my voice. Standing up in front of the class, as the days went on and I felt these women want to know me, they want me to let go, I actually had the power to shout “I do it”, over and over. The encouragement from them all was unbelievable, they would hug me with so much pride. Danielle always greeted everyone with so much love. I loved it, what a way to start your morning, on a feel good. Danielle gave so much time and I had such a great laugh. There was no pressure, everyone was made feel so relaxed. The other women from class, who I now call my great friends, would bring in smoothies and delicious foods, I was in my element. I had no problem eating or drinking in class, my friends would just throw me tissue for my face and not mind me. We are now in a watzapp group called friends for life which Danielle is part of too, because she loves being 100% part of everything, and she is a friend for life too. That week was the most that I have used my verbal voice in years, even when I got home, I was doing live Facebook videos in the group, or on my page. Danielle had me talking to her half the night ha, and I 100% didn’t care what I sound like. I’ve been afraid too long, I’ve been silent too long and it was holding me back. I have to just let go and focus on the positive. So, if you are feeling stuck, as though nothing is going right, if you have no motivation, you feel as though you’re not good enough or you don’t know where to start. I do recommend NLP with the AMAZING Danielle. Gain absolute life friends, invest in you, what do hv to lose. Be open to this new experience. Remember you are AMAZING, You have the POWER, we all just need guidance, and some tips from someone with the correct amount of knowledge and love.

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