Women’s Empowerment Summit

I just wanted to tell you all about a powerful event on October 20th in the Citywest hotel called WE summit (Women’s Empowerment Summit), which is running for the whole day. The lady running it, Donna Kennedy is absolutely amazing, so kind and beautiful. This event has been running for the past 2 years and each year has been a total success. Women come together for a very empowering day where they connect with the right people and learn so much from the speakers. Donna is really supportive, she has her own story, and her passion is to help people just like I do. Her partner Pat Slattery is also in the field of self development, they both spoke at my book launch, which they really made me feel so happy, like they knew me so well. Donna had asked me speak at the WE Summit event held in May, which I did and got an incredible response. Donna only asks the top empowering Women to speak, so to be seen as that, was indeed incredible for me. It was absolutely fantastic, everyone was up on their feet, cheering me on, and chanting my name. A moment I will never forget, it was magic. I really touched so many people that day, and the connections I made were also great. It is a great place to network as you never know who’ll be there, and who you will get talking to. That is where I first met Christina Nobel. Also tomorrow 12-1, I have an interview on the radio, with a beautiful person who I am so honoured to call my friend Karina Murray, who I met at the Women Empowerment Summit.

if you want to be lifted
Have the right support
Have no judgement from others
Learn from the best
Make connections with the right people

There are so many people, that love nothing than dragging another person down, so its about building yourself up with the right people who want you to succeed 😀

I would highly recommend this event to you, If you are interested, Let me know ;D

Thank you ❤️❤️😀😀🤗🤗

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