Amazing day 😁😁

I had a really great afternoon at the Christina Noble foundation lunch event. I was feeling very over tired and my body was much more anxious than usual because the week was catching up on me and usually it’s much more difficult to do my normal things. I can look more awkward. So I could of said “I am best not to go, I will make a mess of myself” and feed into that feeling . I wanted to go. I can feel more anxious when I know people don’t know me or who I am. Donna and Pat would be there, and they would make me feel they’d be there for me. I don’t really see them at social events where I sit down and have chats and eat. So it was a bit daunting for me. But I made up my mind that I was going. I was going and I would connect with amazing people and that’s what happened. 😁😁 Donna had a seat beside her, I was sitting with the inspirational people, including Christina Nobles daughter who is the absolute image of her mother. It’s crazy 😀😀 Donna was absolutely amazing, she cut up my food etc I felt really good around Donna. She is full of kindness and love. I am happy to know her and getting to know her properly more and more 😁😁 I met some very inspiring people. I was loving the chats. I am delighted that the money raised went to such a wonderful charity as the Christina Noble foundation, and that I contributed towards that. I had to move back into my apartment today aswel. It has been all go 😂😂 So that would cause me to be anxious too, but I got myself into the right state and saw the positive outcome from it 😃😃 Thank you Patrick Hogan and my dad for moving everything back. You are amazing 😃😃😃😃😍😍😍😍 I had a wonderful day. #idoit😃😄😄😃

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