Croagh Patrick

A very proud moment on Sunday morning climbing Cronagh Patrick. Waking up to a beautiful fresh day. This hike had been arranged a few weeks ago and I really wanted to go and work out how I can without adding pressure on myself . So the beauty of meeting so many wonderful people from all over. I asked around. I got in touch with our pal Michael Quinn who is living in West port and he was delighted we were calling down. He sorted out a place we could stay with a lovely friendly couple Aisling and Jamie. Michael said he’d pick us up from the train station after 9pm on Saturday. We met a lovely person Aoife Louise Moran too, straight away I could tell she was a great person 😊😊 so after a 3 and half train journey down. We were exhausted but weren’t too bad as I still on a high from my talk in Dublin city centre that day 😃😃 after meeting with the lovely couple we stayed chatting with Aisling for a good while that night. 😃😃 the hike was at 10am which was a 10 minutes drive. Michael said he’d drive us up which was so nice of him, he came straight from work to bring us. We met up with the lads who were doing the hike. I never met them in person before but I could tell they were good people. I didn’t know what to expect with the hike but driving up the mountain looked huge. 😂😂 starting to hike it was actually very tough and got tougher . The amount of uneasy rocks it was all very uphill but you could really feel it. There were hardy any gaps of smooth paths where it wasn’t so up level 😂😂 I had so many layers on thinking I would freeze but I was sweating so much that the lads could see it in my face and took my jacket and scarf off for me 😂😂 they stopped and gave me water in my glass when I needed it. They could read my body language more which helped. Oh my God I thought I would never reach the top. It was such a great feeling when I made it to the top. “I did it ” 😊😊 I just had to sit down, breath in the air and take in the beautiful surroundings. I needed my jacket up there. 😂😂 My nanny did it a few years ago after her big operation. I don’t know how she did it 😂😂 We got lots of pictures on the top. Then headed back down. The 2 lads took my arm and I went down like I was on a slap board, I flew down. It was a killer. I really felt it on my quad muscles 😂😂 I was so happy to reach the end and looking at how much I achieved. 600 feet to the top. Patrick was waiting on me, he was happy enough roaming around at the bottom. He was proud. We then went for lunch in West port and had some chats. Patrick and I had arranged to stay another night because Michael was doing a charity night and he was getting his lovely hair and beard shaved off. So we went along and gave our support 😃😃 After I rested we headed out and met more lovely people including Michaels dad, Aoife and Ciara. Had a really great night and didn’t get in till after 3 😂😂 I woke up the day after this challenge and my arse muscles were in bits, but it was so worth it. A lovely train journey back to Dublin. Going to see Draula tonight in smock alley with Patrick. 😁😁 Preparing for my Athlone event on Thursday at 7.30pm 😀😀😀 It’s all go. I am feeling great 😃😃😃😃😃

In the end, when we are faced with any obstacle…even one as big as a mountain..we have to tell ourselves, and we must truly believe it, “I can do this”

Anything is possible with the right support 😁😁

Feeling unmotivated…but doing things regardless

I felt really unmotivated and emotionally low this morning. I struggled to get out of bed. I had a talk today at the Dystonia Conference but I really wasn’t in form for it to be honest. Having Patrick Hogan there as a support, really helped as he kept saying this is my important job and I can’t let people down. They’ll be inspired by me. So with a lot of focus and giving out. I had my shower, got dressed, got breakfast and showed up. Brushing anything negative to one side. I put on my mask and painted on a big smile on my face . I may always look positive but times I really struggle on the inside. I am a strong person but I’m writing this to show, I may come across always upbeat but nobody knows what goes on in another individuals head. In those moments it’s good to know I have good support, encouraging me every step of the way. The talk went amazing yet again. The reaction was brilliant. New connections made, people bought my book, and people who work in schools want me to go to talk there too 🤗🤗 so yes it’s good to let your body feel emotions, but then acknowledge it and move on, because staying stuck in those moments helps no one. Everything happens when you take that first massive step out of bed 🤗🤗 We are now boarding a train to westport…for more adventures 😀😀

DBS talk

So yesterday it was mental health awareness day and I was asked to give a talk to some of the students in DBS. The college I attended to study psychology in 2014. This talk had been arranged originally to take place a while back, but due to a miss communicaton it never happened. However, during the summer they got in touch with me and asked me to give the talk that I gave yesterday. This was a great honour.They wanted me to come in and speak about the importance of keeping a postive mindset, and a determined mindset. Also, on the importance of speaking up, about issues that the students are faced with. I have experienced a great deal of the issues facing these students, and came out the other side, so the college knew I would offer great advice and inspiration ๐Ÿ™‚ It was a great day. My talk itself was at 4 so that gave me time to train in the gym with my lovely friend. I even managed to get to town early, and wanted to do a lap round Stephens Green and the weather was fab ๐Ÿ™‚ It was amazing being at DBS again. When I saw the size of room where I would be talking in thats when the nerves really kicked in, but then I was grand, until pools of students came in and thought to myself “OH MY GOD” My stomach was doing flips, this was my first talk to students in a college. I had no idea how they would react to my message, and my story. I just had to be my strong, confident self, and own the floor. Any negative thoughts I had I just had to brush to one side, and I knew that I would be amazing. I told myself, “These students are in for a treat” My heart was pumping like mad, testing me to see if I was still alive. The guy who works in the college and who helped arrange my appearing there gave me a brilliant introduction, which made me feel “YES, I HAVE GOT THIS|” I gave my talk and it went down fantastic. The questions were flowing in from different students and members of staff and Patrick helped me to communicate my answers Then, at the end, students came up to me wanting to get pictures with me, holding my book up while posing and tellin me that I am such an inspiration, and thanking me.I was actually buzzing. The students were dying to read my book, which was great too. I was given a lovely bunch of flowers and a box of milk tray from one of the girls who helped organise it. I was so grateful. There was nothin like chillin at home that evening taking it all in with Patrick Hogan, watchin a classic movie and enjoying my milk tray. I trained so much and wasnt finished so I didnt feel bad stuffing my face. I thought that i would hear no more feedback about my talk yesterday, but today I received a lovely email from one of the students thanking me so much for coming in as she could relate to some of my struggles, it really helped her hearing my story and my message. She also told me that I am a real inspiratation. That one email alone gave me such a lift for the day, I went to see my wonderful friend Amy who is recently home from the hospital, I was just loving life. There is so much excitement happening right now that I can hardly keep up ๐Ÿ™‚

Motivation > Limitation – Athlone

Brought to you by Bestselling Author of “Recommenced: Motivation > Limitation” Tracey Ellen Maria who at the age of 8 unwillingly obtained a life changing disability…

Time to spread what I do to other parts of Ireland and get different people who have never heard about me. So with the help of my wonderful friend Catherine Macklin I am having an event in Athlone.

Looking forward to it as I want to continue to grow, help and inspire others in so many ways.

Book your ticket and looking forward to seeing you there

Women’s Empowerment Summit

I just wanted to tell you all about a powerful event on October 20th in the Citywest hotel called WE summit (Womenโ€™s Empowerment Summit), which is running for the whole day. The lady running it, Donna Kennedy is absolutely amazing, so kind and beautiful. This event has been running for the past 2 years and each year has been a total success. Women come together for a very empowering day where they connect with the right people and learn so much from the speakers. Donna is really supportive, she has her own story, and her passion is to help people just like I do. Her partner Pat Slattery is also in the field of self development, they both spoke at my book launch, which they really made me feel so happy, like they knew me so well. Donna had asked me speak at the WE Summit event held in May, which I did and got an incredible response. Donna only asks the top empowering Women to speak, so to be seen as that, was indeed incredible for me. It was absolutely fantastic, everyone was up on their feet, cheering me on, and chanting my name. A moment I will never forget, it was magic. I really touched so many people that day, and the connections I made were also great. It is a great place to network as you never know whoโ€™ll be there, and who you will get talking to. That is where I first met Christina Nobel. Also tomorrow 12-1, I have an interview on the radio, with a beautiful person who I am so honoured to call my friend Karina Murray, who I met at the Women Empowerment Summit.

if you want to be lifted
Have the right support
Have no judgement from others
Learn from the best
Make connections with the right people

There are so many people, that love nothing than dragging another person down, so its about building yourself up with the right people who want you to succeed ๐Ÿ˜€

I would highly recommend this event to you, If you are interested, Let me know ;D

Thank you ❤️❤️😀😀🤗🤗


Hi everyone,

I want to a testimonial about the NLP course known as “The Blackbelt Mastermind” that is run by the lovely Danielle Serpico, which I completed last week. Back in March during the snow, when it was getting to the stage where everyone was fed up, I felt I needed something to focus on, something that would add value to my life. I was online, low and behold I stumbled across Danielles mastermind course came up. I actually went to bed and got comfortable and began chatting to her for ages. I felt amazed and I then arranged a video call the following morning with Danielle, Patrick and I. When we logged on, Danielles smile immediately lit up the screen, her energy bloomed. She was very down to earth and funny, I could tell that she was brilliant at what she done. It felt right and I was so happy that Patrick wanted to do it too himself, and not just go to support me. I want Patrick to grow and develop with me, to experience joy and fuliment with me, so we are level. Figuring out how will we afford it, I knew it was a good investment so I made it happen, which I was proud of.
Coming up to the course, I was so looking forward to it because I wanted to become better at my public speaking, relationships and have more control when I get moments of sadness, anger, frustration and hurt. On day one it was a bootcamp and again Danielle lit up the room with her beautiful energy, but it was so much better in real life, she made us feel so comtable. The information in that one day alone was mind blowing. She made it so easy to understand. NLP is about how we are using our words, how we talk to ourselves and others because believe it or not, words are so powerful. Most people don’t realise this however, and then wonder why nothing good ever happens for them, or ask themselves why they’re stuck or depressed.
After day 1 I was so lookin forward to the week and rolling up our sleeves and really getting into it.
What I really loved, the class was small. This particular NLP course happened to be only women so poor Patrick was out numbered, but he didnโ€™t mind, he just goes with the flow. Those women turned out to be the BEST and we all grew so close, we became as one. When I first started, I’d be whispering to Patrick, very nervous, but then I got the courage to use my voice. Standing up in front of the class, as the days went on and I felt these women want to know me, they want me to let go, I actually had the power to shout “I do it”, over and over. The encouragement from them all was unbelievable, they would hug me with so much pride. Danielle always greeted everyone with so much love. I loved it, what a way to start your morning, on a feel good. Danielle gave so much time and I had such a great laugh. There was no pressure, everyone was made feel so relaxed. The other women from class, who I now call my great friends, would bring in smoothies and delicious foods, I was in my element. I had no problem eating or drinking in class, my friends would just throw me tissue for my face and not mind me. We are now in a watzapp group called friends for life which Danielle is part of too, because she loves being 100% part of everything, and she is a friend for life too. That week was the most that I have used my verbal voice in years, even when I got home, I was doing live Facebook videos in the group, or on my page. Danielle had me talking to her half the night ha, and I 100% didn’t care what I sound like. I’ve been afraid too long, I’ve been silent too long and it was holding me back. I have to just let go and focus on the positive. So, if you are feeling stuck, as though nothing is going right, if you have no motivation, you feel as though you’re not good enough or you don’t know where to start. I do recommend NLP with the AMAZING Danielle. Gain absolute life friends, invest in you, what do hv to lose. Be open to this new experience. Remember you are AMAZING, You have the POWER, we all just need guidance, and some tips from someone with the correct amount of knowledge and love.

Amazing day 😁😁

I had a really great afternoon at the Christina Noble foundation lunch event. I was feeling very over tired and my body was much more anxious than usual because the week was catching up on me and usually it’s much more difficult to do my normal things. I can look more awkward. So I could of said “I am best not to go, I will make a mess of myself” and feed into that feeling . I wanted to go. I can feel more anxious when I know people don’t know me or who I am. Donna and Pat would be there, and they would make me feel they’d be there for me. I don’t really see them at social events where I sit down and have chats and eat. So it was a bit daunting for me. But I made up my mind that I was going. I was going and I would connect with amazing people and that’s what happened. 😁😁 Donna had a seat beside her, I was sitting with the inspirational people, including Christina Nobles daughter who is the absolute image of her mother. It’s crazy 😀😀 Donna was absolutely amazing, she cut up my food etc I felt really good around Donna. She is full of kindness and love. I am happy to know her and getting to know her properly more and more 😁😁 I met some very inspiring people. I was loving the chats. I am delighted that the money raised went to such a wonderful charity as the Christina Noble foundation, and that I contributed towards that. I had to move back into my apartment today aswel. It has been all go 😂😂 So that would cause me to be anxious too, but I got myself into the right state and saw the positive outcome from it 😃😃 Thank you Patrick Hogan and my dad for moving everything back. You are amazing 😃😃😃😃😍😍😍😍 I had a wonderful day. #idoit😃😄😄😃