I am a Tough Mudder

“OH MY GOD”, WHAT AN AMAZING DAY YESTERDAY AT THE TOUGH MUDDER CHALLENGE. I cannot believe I got through it, from crawling on my hands and knees through mud, climbing over 8foot walls, tiny tunnels, walking through a lake up to my chest and the amount of flies, massive hills that seemed to be endless,, then the most scariest one, one I fear / dread the most, climbing up on a ladder up to a pipe slide into a tube of dirty ice water. I was terrified because I can’t swim, Fla was already in the water, there was about 4 men at the side, they were all encouraging me. “YOU CAN DO IT” We’ll get you up. I kept eyeballing everyone intensely if to say “ARE YOU SURE” 😂😂 So I took faith, I can’t stop now, I took a deep breath and I went like a rocket into the water, I thought I’d immediate jump up but I felt my head going towards the bottom, I felt my feet been lifted by Fla, she couldn’t see my head lol then I felt my body starting relaxing, I was thinking “WILL SOMEONE JUST HURRY UP AND GET ME UP, I DON’T WANT TO DIE YET” 😂😂 So within that moment the guys got on a grip on me and dragged me out. That wonderful feeling to breath in again 😂😂 I was in a shock for a few seconds but I felt so EMPOWERMENT, “I ACTUALLY DID IT” 😀 😀 I could not do it without the support from my AMAZING friends Aisling Burnett, Fla Pordominsky, Catherine Graham who were with me every step, you are forever friends 😍😍 So proud of you ladies. 😀😀 everyone worked as a team and helped others, everyone was Amazing with me and took time and patience to help me over walls etc everyone couldn’t get me and kept hugging me. The volunteers were amazing too 🙂 Thank you Patrick Hogan for all your love and support ❤️❤️ It was just incredibly. great feeling to reach the finish line, a song Simply the best came on and my name was shouted over the mike. I was just blown away. So proud of myself. Thank you so much who donated, it meant SO MUCH..Now what next 😂😂❤️❤️😀😀 #THERESNOTHINGICAN’TDOWITHOUTSUPPORT #WEAREAMAZING #SOGRATEFUL

Tough Mudder

Hi everyone, so the reason that I have been training hard with my amazing friend Aisling, for those who don’t already know. We are doing the tough mudder challenge on 22nd July. If you don’t know what that is then I highly recommend you look it up to see what I have signed up for
ALL the money raised here will go towards an organisation that has helped me grreatly within the past number of years, Dystonia Ireland.
For anyone who wishes to make a contribution towards this amazing charity then please do.
If you want to join in and help me along this difficult challenge then the more the merrier 🙂
I really appreciate if you would donate to my chosen charity 🙂 As I said, Dystonia Ireland have been great support to me so I want to give back to them 🙂
It’ll be some laugh if anything getting through this challenge. Life is too short to be taken seriously and I love a good challenge plus I’ll be filmed along the way for my documentary. Be fun if you could be apart of it
Thank you for your support 🙂

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Feeling fantastic 😁

What a way to start your Monday morning. 5k in the bag with Aisling Burnett…I felt so pumped doing this. My feet feel so much better just a very slight pain but it was all good. 😁😁 we went on a different route that was more appealing to the eye . Beautiful multiply colour fields, yeah that’s right that grass still looks like hay 😂😂 alot of up hills but I kept going. I was buzzing. My new runners feels so much better too, good support for runners 😄😄 so Sunday is the tough mudder challenge 16k obstacles through mud. Yes it’ll be a hell of a challenge especially trying to use to arm muscles for strength but I can achieve this. Even if I’m really really struggling, I won’t quit 😄😄 I am doing it for my chosen charity dystonia Ireland. So if you’d like to donate anything. I’d really appreciate it. Dystonia Ireland have been so supportive to me especially in the past few months when I released my book and said I’m a public speaker. They really helped me get myself out there aswel. So I really would love to give back to them. ❤❤❤❤

Thank you all 😀😀😀😀😀

Have a fabulous day 😎😎😄😄😀😁

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The story of my first event

My First Event

So my first event was yesterday and I am in a daze from being hugely over whelmed. I didn’t expect the turn out that I got and the feedback I have received. To know I benefited everybody and everyone got something from it. To be honest I wanted to change location because I didn’t want to lose money or have a big room with a big gap. It is off putting. So to put a long story short Patrick made me stick with it saying “have faith” I knew it would be a success. But as it closer I panicked, I even told friends and everyone said it would work out. I only seen the room first hand yesterday and I was taken back cause it was huge, and too fancy. I said to Patrick “this is too much” Low and behold the room filled, even as I was talking people were still coming in. People made a massive effort to attend, people travelled from Athlone, Rosscommon, Galway , Meath, and all over Dublin. There was e guy who travelled from an event in Malahide and went to the crowne plaza in Tallaght looking for my event, when he realised he was in the wrong hotel he drove back up the M50 to the right hotel and attended my event. Even though I know him through Facebook our paths have never crossed, he made the effort, to say the least. I am truly thankful to everyone who attended, and thanks so much to everyone who genuinely helped me get it out there I really appreciate it. It was Amazing. Patrick did a fantastic talk on goal setting, I’m very proud of him. He really amazes me; I love seeing how much he’s developing so much.

Our Amazing friends had organised a meal in town to celebrate our success which I’m so grateful to them, they are the best ever. Food was so good. I felt so at home there, that I took off my shoes, the joys of getting them back on though. We ended the night in a cool bar which I just drank gallon of water, but left drunk, I was high on life for sure. Chilled out in the beautiful Clontarf sea front, can’t beat fresh sea air



Event Webcast

Hi everyone 😊😊 for those who wanted to attend my event but couldn’t. I am giving the option to view it online and be part for half price because its not in the room with everyone and because I have to value my work . Naturally it’s better to be there in person but if you really can’t and really want to. Pm 😊😁😁😁😁 Thank you

Feeling pumped!!

So yesterday my friend Aisling and I are trying to make a plan to go jogging in the morning because need to train hard for a mother of a challenge nxt month. 😂😂 it kinda seemed we were making excuses because my runners were in my mams and we said maybe Friday be best. So when I got home from town from a meeting at 10.30pm thereabouts I said I think we have make jogging tomorrow so we agreed it has to be done. Aisling was kind enough to give me a lend of a pair of her spare runners. She was up bright and early. She helped me with the runners and fixed my hair on the side of the path. Aisling was like “don’t worry about us, we just have to get set for jogging ” 😂😂 I had suggested we run up and down hills in tolka vally which I Kinda regret that. 3 laps around, it was a killer and it been the hottest day since 40 years 😂😂 I was like “someone throw a bucket of water over me” 😂😂 then I had my appointment in Drimagh and I was asked bring 10 books over. So then my arms got a workout 😂😂 not a bother having to get 2 buses. 😂😂 I was hanging when I got home. No pain no gain 😂😂 #sweatattack

How was your day? 😍😍😎😎😁😁


A great week of really diving back into my fitness.😀😀😀😀

Monday I went on a lovely walk with my friend Aisling Burnett, then towards the end I said lets run up and down the steps until we are breathless😂😂 Aisling also made me a lovely juice. It was sooo good!! 🙂

Tuesday I went up to up my mams and I got my mind in gear to do a jog around the park non stop, I used the machines first in the park to warm me up. Self talk really is amazing, So I jogged back to my mams then had lunch etc, I went on another jog with the dog in a different park🤗🤗

Wednesday I had my 1-1 fitness, I was running on the treadmill, then I done the rowing machine and done 1000 metres in 7.25mins. Then I done some boxing, running up and down with weights, squats, core work etc. then Patrick had asked me could I get his prescription from the GP which is in Northwood, it was twenty to 1 and they closed at 1 for lunch, I decided I’d run down. I literally bombed it down, Oh my god the sweat was pissing from me,😂😂 I was raging because I only changed my clothes, I was saying to myself, once I make it on time then I can walk home, did I walk home? no!! I was about to explode by the time I got to my mams, the heat😂😂

Thursday evening, I went to Boxerise, great class and a laugh as always.

Today, Friday, I done 2 separate jogs in the park among other things!!

BRILLIANT, Also very happy to say I signed up to do the mini marathon in June, 10k, no bother to me. 😂😂That’s me keeping positive, I won’t die.😂😂 I aim to jog it, see how it goes 😂😂😂😂

Feeling so grateful that I can get up and go ❤️❤️🌞🌞

I was inspired by Micheline Clancy a woman I know years, who really trained so hard from someone who couldn’t hardly lift herself. her fitness story is so inspiring, follow her and get to know her. She is Amazing ❤️❤️😀😀🌞

#youcandoittoo #donotgivein #feeltheburn