Exciting news…

Hey guys.

What you think of my new business card? I mean serious stuff now.💜😀 They would have been handy when I was in Cyprus and Greece.😂😂

Guys I am so happy with how my life is unfolding now. We all have the ability to become anything we desire, don’t let the negative take over or allow others to dictate to you what you can or cannot do. We all have the power inside us all💪💪😁😁

I had a meeting today with a lovely woman to discuss my next talk in the DBS college in Dublin city center within the next month. It will be a new experience talking to students of different ages from different backgrounds.😀😀 I will update you all about my book tomorrow. Exciting times ahead… It has been a long road but it’ll be worth it. 😀😍

Thank you very much for your support and remaining to stick with me. Truly means the world, especially from my wonderful guy Patrick, he is absolutely brilliant. Truly blessed to have you all behind me. 😊😊😘😘😍😍💙

My new Logo 😀

Hi everyone, what do you think of my new logo?? Designed and hand drawn by Lesleyanne Hogan and digitally enhanced by Patrick Hogan 😀 I wanted to have a butterfly because they symbolise new beginnings. I love the colours used because the vibrance of these colours symbolises to me the joys of life 😀

“Metamorphosis is not just reserved for the moths and the butterflies” – Tracey Ellen Maria 😀

#lovinglife 😀

Had such an amazing last full day in Athens. Patrick and myself climbed a mountain and got a beautiful view of the surroundings of Athens. Thankfully the sun was shining today 😊😊 we really enjoyed it. Then we went for a lovely dinner in a lovely Greek restaurant that we went to on Thursday. I wanted to go back because the food was delicious and the service was excellent. 😊😊 I also made a new contact with the waiter because he was just so helpful and friendly. I wrote a text for him in Greek to make the effort. He looked after us both on Thursday and again today so I didn’t want to leave without getting his email and explaining why. He was more than delighted too😊😊 I know what am I like 😂😂 I love connecting with new people 😊😊 I am basically connected with everyone in the hotel. Felt like a home from home. Patrick Hogan made an excellent choice regarding our stay 😊😍 I am just a woman who wants to see the world, living life to the max 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 #followingmydreams #lovinglife #memories

Book update from Athens, Greece

Hello everyone, I just thought that I would give you all a quick update regarding my book 😀 the latest is that the book is done and has been for a while now. When I began this project 3 years ago I knew that I would find it somewhat difficult to get it published by a traditional publisher and assumed that I would have to self publish. However, as I am a keen ‘globe trotter’ I wanted the book easily accessible to order from every corner of the world… Just in case. I also wanted to give myself a digital identity. As such I decided that I would self publish via amazon. Now, the game has changed somewhat as I have a traditional publishing company interested in my book!! With this in mind I will hold out until I hear back from them and if it is a seemingly negative ‘no’ then I will revert to amazon… Either way the book is coming soon!! 😀😀 #m>l

Spreading the word

So myself and Patrick Hogan go back to the hotel after a Long day and sit outside and order drinks and little bits to snack on. I enjoy the munch as usually. We are ready to leave to head up to our room and we are told it’s was on them 😃😃 how lovely. We then get talking. All of sudden they are so impressed. They can’t believe I’ll have a book. They made sure we can connect, so they can buy my book. 😁😁 Patrick had to go back down again and saw them looking at my website. They were loving it 😊😀😁😊 mad to think 😂😂 #makingmymark #connection

Comment Page

A new adventure tomorrow, heading off to the beautiful country of Cyprus. It’s not just a holiday but it’s a volunteer in aid of a children’s hospital with a wonderful group 💜 and then onto a secret location because it’s my big birthday 😱😱 wohoo living life how it should be lived 😁😀😀😁 #liveeachdaytoyourbest #greatfriends #memories #makethemost ❤💜