DBS talk

So yesterday it was mental health awareness day and I was asked to give a talk to some of the students in DBS. The college I attended to study psychology in 2014. This talk had been arranged originally to take place a while back, but due to a miss communicaton it never happened. However, during the summer they got in touch with me and asked me to give the talk that I gave yesterday. This was a great honour.They wanted me to come in and speak about the importance of keeping a postive mindset, and a determined mindset. Also, on the importance of speaking up, about issues that the students are faced with. I have experienced a great deal of the issues facing these students, and came out the other side, so the college knew I would offer great advice and inspiration πŸ™‚ It was a great day. My talk itself was at 4 so that gave me time to train in the gym with my lovely friend. I even managed to get to town early, and wanted to do a lap round Stephens Green and the weather was fab πŸ™‚ It was amazing being at DBS again. When I saw the size of room where I would be talking in thats when the nerves really kicked in, but then I was grand, until pools of students came in and thought to myself “OH MY GOD” My stomach was doing flips, this was my first talk to students in a college. I had no idea how they would react to my message, and my story. I just had to be my strong, confident self, and own the floor. Any negative thoughts I had I just had to brush to one side, and I knew that I would be amazing. I told myself, “These students are in for a treat” My heart was pumping like mad, testing me to see if I was still alive. The guy who works in the college and who helped arrange my appearing there gave me a brilliant introduction, which made me feel “YES, I HAVE GOT THIS|” I gave my talk and it went down fantastic. The questions were flowing in from different students and members of staff and Patrick helped me to communicate my answers Then, at the end, students came up to me wanting to get pictures with me, holding my book up while posing and tellin me that I am such an inspiration, and thanking me.I was actually buzzing. The students were dying to read my book, which was great too. I was given a lovely bunch of flowers and a box of milk tray from one of the girls who helped organise it. I was so grateful. There was nothin like chillin at home that evening taking it all in with Patrick Hogan, watchin a classic movie and enjoying my milk tray. I trained so much and wasnt finished so I didnt feel bad stuffing my face. I thought that i would hear no more feedback about my talk yesterday, but today I received a lovely email from one of the students thanking me so much for coming in as she could relate to some of my struggles, it really helped her hearing my story and my message. She also told me that I am a real inspiratation. That one email alone gave me such a lift for the day, I went to see my wonderful friend Amy who is recently home from the hospital, I was just loving life. There is so much excitement happening right now that I can hardly keep up πŸ™‚

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