Feeling fantastic 😁

What a way to start your Monday morning. 5k in the bag with Aisling Burnett…I felt so pumped doing this. My feet feel so much better just a very slight pain but it was all good. 😁😁 we went on a different route that was more appealing to the eye . Beautiful multiply colour fields, yeah that’s right that grass still looks like hay 😂😂 alot of up hills but I kept going. I was buzzing. My new runners feels so much better too, good support for runners 😄😄 so Sunday is the tough mudder challenge 16k obstacles through mud. Yes it’ll be a hell of a challenge especially trying to use to arm muscles for strength but I can achieve this. Even if I’m really really struggling, I won’t quit 😄😄 I am doing it for my chosen charity dystonia Ireland. So if you’d like to donate anything. I’d really appreciate it. Dystonia Ireland have been so supportive to me especially in the past few months when I released my book and said I’m a public speaker. They really helped me get myself out there aswel. So I really would love to give back to them. ❤❤❤❤

Thank you all 😀😀😀😀😀

Have a fabulous day 😎😎😄😄😀😁

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