Feeling pumped!!

So yesterday my friend Aisling and I are trying to make a plan to go jogging in the morning because need to train hard for a mother of a challenge nxt month. 😂😂 it kinda seemed we were making excuses because my runners were in my mams and we said maybe Friday be best. So when I got home from town from a meeting at 10.30pm thereabouts I said I think we have make jogging tomorrow so we agreed it has to be done. Aisling was kind enough to give me a lend of a pair of her spare runners. She was up bright and early. She helped me with the runners and fixed my hair on the side of the path. Aisling was like “don’t worry about us, we just have to get set for jogging ” 😂😂 I had suggested we run up and down hills in tolka vally which I Kinda regret that. 3 laps around, it was a killer and it been the hottest day since 40 years 😂😂 I was like “someone throw a bucket of water over me” 😂😂 then I had my appointment in Drimagh and I was asked bring 10 books over. So then my arms got a workout 😂😂 not a bother having to get 2 buses. 😂😂 I was hanging when I got home. No pain no gain 😂😂 #sweatattack

How was your day? 😍😍😎😎😁😁

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