Feeling unmotivated…but doing things regardless

I felt really unmotivated and emotionally low this morning. I struggled to get out of bed. I had a talk today at the Dystonia Conference but I really wasn’t in form for it to be honest. Having Patrick Hogan there as a support, really helped as he kept saying this is my important job and I can’t let people down. They’ll be inspired by me. So with a lot of focus and giving out. I had my shower, got dressed, got breakfast and showed up. Brushing anything negative to one side. I put on my mask and painted on a big smile on my face . I may always look positive but times I really struggle on the inside. I am a strong person but I’m writing this to show, I may come across always upbeat but nobody knows what goes on in another individuals head. In those moments it’s good to know I have good support, encouraging me every step of the way. The talk went amazing yet again. The reaction was brilliant. New connections made, people bought my book, and people who work in schools want me to go to talk there too 🤗🤗 so yes it’s good to let your body feel emotions, but then acknowledge it and move on, because staying stuck in those moments helps no one. Everything happens when you take that first massive step out of bed 🤗🤗 We are now boarding a train to westport…for more adventures 😀😀

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