A great week of really diving back into my fitness.😀😀😀😀

Monday I went on a lovely walk with my friend Aisling Burnett, then towards the end I said lets run up and down the steps until we are breathless😂😂 Aisling also made me a lovely juice. It was sooo good!! 🙂

Tuesday I went up to up my mams and I got my mind in gear to do a jog around the park non stop, I used the machines first in the park to warm me up. Self talk really is amazing, So I jogged back to my mams then had lunch etc, I went on another jog with the dog in a different park🤗🤗

Wednesday I had my 1-1 fitness, I was running on the treadmill, then I done the rowing machine and done 1000 metres in 7.25mins. Then I done some boxing, running up and down with weights, squats, core work etc. then Patrick had asked me could I get his prescription from the GP which is in Northwood, it was twenty to 1 and they closed at 1 for lunch, I decided I’d run down. I literally bombed it down, Oh my god the sweat was pissing from me,😂😂 I was raging because I only changed my clothes, I was saying to myself, once I make it on time then I can walk home, did I walk home? no!! I was about to explode by the time I got to my mams, the heat😂😂

Thursday evening, I went to Boxerise, great class and a laugh as always.

Today, Friday, I done 2 separate jogs in the park among other things!!

BRILLIANT, Also very happy to say I signed up to do the mini marathon in June, 10k, no bother to me. 😂😂That’s me keeping positive, I won’t die.😂😂 I aim to jog it, see how it goes 😂😂😂😂

Feeling so grateful that I can get up and go ❤️❤️🌞🌞

I was inspired by Micheline Clancy a woman I know years, who really trained so hard from someone who couldn’t hardly lift herself. her fitness story is so inspiring, follow her and get to know her. She is Amazing ❤️❤️😀😀🌞

#youcandoittoo #donotgivein #feeltheburn

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