I am a Tough Mudder

“OH MY GOD”, WHAT AN AMAZING DAY YESTERDAY AT THE TOUGH MUDDER CHALLENGE. I cannot believe I got through it, from crawling on my hands and knees through mud, climbing over 8foot walls, tiny tunnels, walking through a lake up to my chest and the amount of flies, massive hills that seemed to be endless,, then the most scariest one, one I fear / dread the most, climbing up on a ladder up to a pipe slide into a tube of dirty ice water. I was terrified because I can’t swim, Fla was already in the water, there was about 4 men at the side, they were all encouraging me. “YOU CAN DO IT” We’ll get you up. I kept eyeballing everyone intensely if to say “ARE YOU SURE” 😂😂 So I took faith, I can’t stop now, I took a deep breath and I went like a rocket into the water, I thought I’d immediate jump up but I felt my head going towards the bottom, I felt my feet been lifted by Fla, she couldn’t see my head lol then I felt my body starting relaxing, I was thinking “WILL SOMEONE JUST HURRY UP AND GET ME UP, I DON’T WANT TO DIE YET” 😂😂 So within that moment the guys got on a grip on me and dragged me out. That wonderful feeling to breath in again 😂😂 I was in a shock for a few seconds but I felt so EMPOWERMENT, “I ACTUALLY DID IT” 😀 😀 I could not do it without the support from my AMAZING friends Aisling Burnett, Fla Pordominsky, Catherine Graham who were with me every step, you are forever friends 😍😍 So proud of you ladies. 😀😀 everyone worked as a team and helped others, everyone was Amazing with me and took time and patience to help me over walls etc everyone couldn’t get me and kept hugging me. The volunteers were amazing too 🙂 Thank you Patrick Hogan for all your love and support ❤️❤️ It was just incredibly. great feeling to reach the finish line, a song Simply the best came on and my name was shouted over the mike. I was just blown away. So proud of myself. Thank you so much who donated, it meant SO MUCH..Now what next 😂😂❤️❤️😀😀 #THERESNOTHINGICAN’TDOWITHOUTSUPPORT #WEAREAMAZING #SOGRATEFUL

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