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Defintion of You

Born in Dublin Ireland in 1988, Tracey Ellen Maria was a healthy and able-bodied child, who upon birth showed no indications of ever having anything other than a ‘normal’ life. However, when she was 8 years old her life took a massive turn when she was diagnosed with a disability known as Rapid On-Set Muscular Dystonia. This disability rocked both the lives of Tracey and her family as they came to terms with the sudden reality of their situation. Presently, Tracey is a 30 year old woman who has experienced many moments of negativity, social isolation and self-pity. She has also however experienced positive moments and is now actively involved in a large network of people who all share the same goal as Tracey, making their own lives and everyone who they meet, meaningful and positive. Tracey Ellen Maria is a Best Selling Author, International Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach, Disabled Advocate, Ambassador for the Aunua Academy and Travel Entrepreneur.

Brought to you by Bestselling Author of “Recommenced: Motivation > Limitation” and a Co-Author of the Bestselling “We Summit Together”

Join me on this amazing day where I will be placing emphasize on the most important person in your life…YOU!

Be the person that you deserve to be, the best version of yourself. We all must learn to recognize, acknowledge and love our positives, and our negatives. Those two combined are what gives you your uniqueness, they are what separate you from everyone else on this planet. The most unique attribute YOU possess however, is how you improve on your negatives, how you work on radiating your positives, and how you overcome your obstacles. That is, in all honesty, the true Definition of You.

At this event I will focus on the importance of the following:

  1. Who you were vs who you are vs who you want to become
  2. Recognizing and overcoming self-limiting beliefs
  1. Overcoming obstacles
  2. Your response, and your ability
  3. Having the confidence to succeed
  4. Embracing your uniqueness

I look forward to seeing YOU on the day.

All my Love and Respect,

Tracey Ellen Maria

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