“Tracey’s story is a shining example of dignity, courage and resilience. Her determination to be a winner burns bright” – Christina Noble OBE, Founder of the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation

“Tracey is an extraordinary inspiration who has a strong message to share. She may not a physical voice to express her message, but she has one of the most compelling voices I have ever heard. What she cannot express in words, she expresses through her heart and radiates in her energy. She reaches people on a level that most people can’t” Donna Kennedy, Professional Speaker and Author of The Confidence to Succeed

“I found Tracey’s story intriguing, captivating and inspiring with lots of great Irish humour to keep you entertained. But, what I loved most was the little hidden gems and reminders which Tracey had for us all about how life is a gift to be lived” Stevie McGeown, Author, Professional Speaker and Life Coach

“Tracey’s story is truly inspirational and full of positivity. She embraces a can do attitude in life which is contagious”Fiona Ní Chíobhain, Programmes Facilitator, Rehabcare

Tracey is an inspiration is an understatement! I had heard about Tracy long before i met her and was moved by her story. But meeting and listening to her tell her story was a totally different experience. Tracey is INSPIRATION personified. She embodies the true meaning of courage, resilience and perseverance. She is a voice for the voiceless and a hope to anyone who might want to give up” – Yemi Adenuga, Founder/President of SHEROES Global, high impact global speaker and author of Power of thank you…

“Tracey presented her inspirational story at the National Federation of Voluntary Bodies Assistive Technology event in April 2018. In her presentation, Tracey highlighted her huge achievements, one being the launch of her new book ‘Recommenced: Motivation>Limitation’, her life time goals and ambitions for the future. She shared how much that she has achieved through using various Assistive Technologies. Her life experience and passion for life was hugely evident in her presentation and the feedback from all who attended were in agreement. Below are just some of the comments people made; ‘She was outstanding’, ‘inspirational’ ‘very honest and moving’ ‘I was full of emotion after hearing her speak’ ‘remarkable young lady’ ’Huge admiration for Tracey, such determination’.”What a way to end an Assistive Technology event!” National Federation of Voluntary Bodies

“I was really impressed with Tracey, her talk, and the message that she is sending out to people” Stephen Moynihan, Rehabilitative Training Coordinator, IWA (Irish Wheelchair Association)

“For World Mental Health Day on October 10th we were delighted to welcome one of our past pupils and best-selling author of the book “Recommenced” back to DBS.
Tracey suffered a life threatening illness when she was 8 years old. She survived, and through her own strength and an incredible support structure, overcame her disabilities to graduate with a Diploma in Psychology four years ago.She has never allowed her physical disabilities to prevent her from achieving her goals. Tracey’s words resonated with our students and staff members alike, the message to take home being: you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.”DBS (Dublin Business School)

“Tracey is a warm, compassionate, bursting with radiant energy, love filled, adventure seeking kinda gal. Such is her determination to live her life without limits that I feel should I look up the word determined in the dictionary her picture would be sitting pretty beside it!
Tracey introduces herself as an Author, Travel Entrepreneur, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker. All sounds great right? Now repeat the introduction while bearing in mind she does all this without what most of us take for granted, a voice. All of sudden sounds better than great doesn’t it! Without any warning whatsoever a condition known as Muscular Dystonia got a grip on Tracey affecting her muscles and her speech. She was only 8 years old at the time. While I have met a lot of people both personally and professionally, who have inspired me greatly but it wasn’t until Tracey walked through my door that I understood the depths that sheer determination and motivation can go” – Beth Ahimsa

“I am so grateful to have a special friend here in İreland. She helped me to have a different way of looking to the world. She taught me how to stay strong, focused and motivated despite having some disabilities.I learned a lot from her and still learning”Tugba Kilinc