The story of my first event

My First Event

So my first event was yesterday and I am in a daze from being hugely over whelmed. I didn’t expect the turn out that I got and the feedback I have received. To know I benefited everybody and everyone got something from it. To be honest I wanted to change location because I didn’t want to lose money or have a big room with a big gap. It is off putting. So to put a long story short Patrick made me stick with it saying “have faith” I knew it would be a success. But as it closer I panicked, I even told friends and everyone said it would work out. I only seen the room first hand yesterday and I was taken back cause it was huge, and too fancy. I said to Patrick “this is too much” Low and behold the room filled, even as I was talking people were still coming in. People made a massive effort to attend, people travelled from Athlone, Rosscommon, Galway , Meath, and all over Dublin. There was e guy who travelled from an event in Malahide and went to the crowne plaza in Tallaght looking for my event, when he realised he was in the wrong hotel he drove back up the M50 to the right hotel and attended my event. Even though I know him through Facebook our paths have never crossed, he made the effort, to say the least. I am truly thankful to everyone who attended, and thanks so much to everyone who genuinely helped me get it out there I really appreciate it. It was Amazing. Patrick did a fantastic talk on goal setting, I’m very proud of him. He really amazes me; I love seeing how much he’s developing so much.

Our Amazing friends had organised a meal in town to celebrate our success which I’m so grateful to them, they are the best ever. Food was so good. I felt so at home there, that I took off my shoes, the joys of getting them back on though. We ended the night in a cool bar which I just drank gallon of water, but left drunk, I was high on life for sure. Chilled out in the beautiful Clontarf sea front, can’t beat fresh sea air



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